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The usual reason people have for wanting a new door installed at home is to make the front of their home look more visually appealing. Quite often though, other factors can be forgotten about, such as how much heat can the door retain and in turn, how much energy will that help them to save?


Having energy efficient doors installed at home is a smart move. Cutting down on the amount of energy you use means you can save money in the long run. If your door is old or inefficient then you could be wasting a lot of energy each day, only to find that your house is never warm and you are spending money for nothing. For this reason alone, you should be considering having energy efficient doors installed at home.

Not only can you benefit from fantastic savings on your energy bills, you can also benefit from having a better looking home. If you were to sell your home in the future then you will be far more likely to do so if potential buyers can see the work that has already gone into the home. The less there is for them to do then the greater chance there is of getting the sale, and at the price you want, not the price they want!

For many years now, Vista Home improvements have been offering energy efficient door installation throughout Southend-on-Sea and the surrounding areas. We understand that doors are pretty much the first thing people will see when they enter any property so it’s important for them to look good. Thankfully for you, Vista offer a range of energy saving doors that will not only preserve energy, but will help you to make a good impression every day.

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Draught proofing your home with a new external door is a great idea. Typically, fitting a draught-proofing system to doors can save the household between £15-£55 a year.

If you are thinking about having energy efficient doors fitted at home then be sure to get in touch with Vista today. We can talk you through your options, how the process works and make sure you fully understand what is involved regarding the installation process.

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